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Atlas Reactor Adds a Frosty Freelancer and Mad Love

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Today marks the official start of Atlas Reactor Season 5, the first update to the tactical online PvP’er in the new year. With it we’re seeing a brand new ice-controlling Freelancer, the start of a Valentine’s event, and some changes to your favorite Frontline characters.

Above is Vonn, the Scion of Ice, a Firepower character that uses a supercooled cannon to attack foes with shards of ice and chilling winds or shield allies with frost. In addition to the new arrival, existing characters are seeing some tweaks, with special attention paid to increase the damage of every Frontline character and adjustments to Celeste, Grey, Oz, Quark and PuP.

Season 5’s launch means players will be getting Prestige Points based on their Season 4 performance, which can be spent on special golden ability effects. Ranked play will begin on Tuesday, February 13th with weekly chapters featuring themed Alerts and Missions based around specific Trusts.

Today also marks the start of the Mad Love Valentine’s Day event. From now until February 20th, players can earn seasonal loot matrices full of new skins and emblems. Matrices can either be earned by completing daily missions or bought directly from the in-game store.

Be sure to check out the complete patch notes for all the specific details.

Our Thoughts

Yep, it’s another Freelancer! But most importantly, we have to take a moment to appreciate the adjustments that have been made across the Frontliner board with this update. Those of us who like to play the forward tank role in Atlas Reactor will likely have something to say about these changes.

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