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Blizzard Devs Talk About World of Warcraft Classic Challenges

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Even though there hasn’t been a lot of new announcements on the front, rest assured that World of Warcraft Classic development is indeed still a thing. An interview with designer Jeremy Feasel and executive producer J. Allen Brack goes over the process and rationale behind the Blizzard-led vanilla version project.

According to the devs in the interview, the process of changing database and server layout from 2004 tech to today’s tech is more technical than most would believe. “Hardware has changed. Computers have moved on. There are new operating systems, new things,” explained Brack. “A lot of the old database and operating system versions aren’t even supported anymore. Those are 13 years old at this point.”

To that end, the decision to announce the Classic project was actually done in order to try and ascertain how players invested in vanilla WoW feel things should be done. Among the decisions that still need to be ironed out are whether the game will feature original models or integrate new high-def ones, or how to keep the game sustainable without running two MMO’s at once – something Brack does not want to do.

But what about if people arrive with a snuggly memory of what WoW was only to find that the reality of classic gameplay ends up being more frustrating than comforting? Brack appears to be prepared for such. “I do think that there will be those people exactly like [that]. That’s okay. And I also think that there is this group of people for whom—that is the game to them. That’s their refuge,” said Brack.

“How big is it? I have no idea. There’s no way to know. But we’re convinced, through the desire of those folks, the desire of our internal folks, and the desire to preserve what WoW was, that this is the right decision.”

You can get the full interview here, which also touches on Battle for Azeroth matters, though you will be forced to whitelist the site in order to read through if you’re using an adblock program.

Our Thoughts

Though this project is turning into a matter of possibly biting off more than they can chew, it’s commendable that the devs involved with Classic WoW are as dedicated as they are to the matter. That said, we also have to believe that if sustainability and resources end up being not worth the cost for a small subest of players that this will probably get the axe again. But on the other hand “small subest” is still a lot of people when you talk about number of WoW players…

Source: Forbes


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