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Blizzard Swings the Nerf Bat At 4 Cards In The Upcoming Hearthstone Update

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Hearthstone‘s next update (10.2) arrives sometime next month. When it does, it’ll come out swinging a big ol’ nerf bat at a quartet of cards: Bonemare, Corridor Creeper, Patches the Pirate, and Raza the Chained are all getting “balanced” this time around.

Bonemare has a simple cost increase from 7 to 8. Corridor Creeper, on the other hand, will experience a pretty sizable attack drop — down to 2 from 5. Raza’s Battlecry has been changed, so that when used, your Hero Power now costs 1 instead of 0. And finally, Patches no longer has Charge, a move that lowers his power level and will hopefully decrease his appearance in Pirate decks.

Those of you curious about the logic behind all these changes can read about them on the Hearthstone site.


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