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Crucia’s Claw Update comes to RIFT on October 25th to Test Player’s Mettle


RIFT has announced its new update, the 4.3 Update, coming on October 25th! More in-depth blogs and livestreams will be coming up in the coming days, but for now, Trion Worlds has highlighted two of the main features coming in Patch 4.3!

  • New Tier 2 Raid: Bastion of Steel
  • New Mage Soul: Mystic Archer

For the Bastion of Steel, Crucia has finally managed to gain the upper hand in the war against Ahnket. The Ascended must work together to fight off Crucia’s forces, so that she does not succeed in destroying Ahnket.

The new Mystic Archers coming to RIFT employ magical arrows shot from their bows, as well as special offensive spells to do the most amount of damage they can. Every single offensive spell must be aimed, and Trion places importance of being efficient to cause as much devastation as possible.

Crucia’s Claw comes out on October 25th, but until then, enjoy the closing days of Update 4.2, Celestial Storm.

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