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Destiny 2 Pre-Downloads For PC Now Open, Console Playerbase Down By 2M Over The Past Month

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The Destiny 2 PC release is just around the corner and fans can now pre-load the game in preparation for launch day on October 24th. You can download the game through the Battlenet app provided that you’ve already bought a copy. If you haven’t purchased the game, you can do so on the Destiny 2 official site.


In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie’s widely-popular first-person shooter has seen a steady decline in their playerbase. According to Destiny Tracker, the game peaked at around 3.5M players last month but is now down to an average of 1.5M players per day. There’s a discussion about it on Reddit if you’re interested.

Meanwhile, you can check out the official PC launch trailer below.

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