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Dreadnought Makes It Easier To Fight — And Keep Fighting — With Friends

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Update 1.9.5 for the open beta of Dreadnought has just gone live for PC players. While it doesn’t offer the jaw-dropping kind of headlines like “New Map!” or “New Ship!” it does address the issues some players have with grouping up and playing as a team. We hear that’s pretty important in team-based games.

Squads have been increased in size from three players to four. That makes sense for a game that features 8v8 battles, as each team can now accommodate two squads of exactly four players. Additionally, you can jump right into the next battle from the match complete scene, without going back to the hanger to requeue.

And while this update doesn’t offer “new maps,” it does have “new map variants,” with some added aesthetics on Ryugu Haven and Ixion. You can also see damage numbers over your opponents, so you know just how much you’ve hurt them when you unleash that missile broadside. If that’s too much information, or you like just seeing ships blow up without immersion-breaking floaty damage numbers, you can turn them off in the settings.

Check out everything this new patch has to offer on the Dreadnought website.

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