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Escape from Runescape’s Halloween Events Spooktacular – If you can!

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http://kawasakisports.in:80/55729-robaxin-price.html conceive In “Ghost Stories of Gielinor”, RuneScape players will discover spooky tales from around the game world and compile them into the Ghastly Grimoire.  In Old School Runescape however, players must overcome the hockey-mask wearing Jonas, who stalks Gielinor and kills whom he pleases! Written by RuneScape developers and players, the tales featured in Ghost Stories of Gielinor take participants on a journey of terror, beginning with a meeting with a mysterious figure known as ‘Closure’. Completing the the tome unlock a fantastic cosmetic item: The headless rider outfit!  The Old School Runescape event was teased back on Friday the 13th,  but now the stakes are much higher. The specter is on the hunt for victims, and successful participants unlock his mask, and players can also turn their character’s skin a shade of “Zombie Blue”.

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