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EVE Online Community Donates Over $100k For Deceased Dev’s Family



http://www.cuffy250.com/42565-lithium-carbonate-price.html boost Back in December, CCP Games revealed that one of their Senior Software Engineers, CCP Blaze, passed away while vacationing in London. At the time, Blaze was celebrating his recent engagement and as a result left behind his fiance and a one year old daughter. To honor Blaze and help out his recently-bereft family, the developer released a limited time ship skin in EVE Online, announcing that all proceeds earned from its sale would be going to Blaze’s fiance and daughter.

buy seroquel online Between December 12 and December 18, the EVE community spent 3,730,320 PLEX or $119,828.50 on the “Blaze” Squadron Skins. (According to CCP this would have bought players 620 years of game time.) This is the second largest fundraiser hosted by the developer — an impressive feat considering it only lasted a week.

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