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Fate/Grand Order NA Also Gets in the Halloween Spirit with its Own Event!

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Fate/Grand Order NA is also getting into the Halloween Spirit, having announced its 2017 Halloween Event, known as The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle Mad Party – 2017! That’s a mouthful if I ever heard of one. Though the infamous Elizabeth Bathory comes to spooky North America for the first time, this event has already taken place in Japan – so we have plenty of information to talk about!

Firstly, this event signifies the start of an important thing – Elizabeth Bathory, summoned as a 4★ Caster-class Servant, is free. That’s right – completely free. Have you had bad luck with the Gacha? Haven’t been able to summon any good servants? Fools! Elizabeth Bathory takes pity on you all, and comes to Chaldea to round out your roster, and for a free 4★ Caster, she isn’t that bad. Additionally, if players have had issues leveling up and ascending Servants – namely the latter – then The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle should be of good help! For a limited time only, players can buy 1 Crystallized Lore, 10 Dragon’s Reverse Scales, 20 Homunculus Babies, 20 Ghost Lanterns, 20 Dragon Fangs, and 20 Evil Bones from the Event Shop! Not to mention EXP Cards, and more!

And to sweeten the deal, a special Summon Rate Up Campaign shall take place – featuring the 5★ Caster Tamamo no Mae, star of the Fate/Extra series! This is the first time she will be available, after which she disappears until London is released! Joining her are-

  • Tamamo Cat, 4★ Berserker
  • Carmilla, 4★ Assassin
  • Darius III, 3★ Berserker
  • Mephistopheles, 3★ Caster

The Halloween Event will run from October 17th, all the way until November 1st – giving players plenty of time to clear out the event shop. Good luck – and may Tamamo no Mae bless you with her fluffy tail!


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