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Fortnite Battle Royale Begins Tweaking its Shooting Mechanics

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Unless you’re firing a cartoon pistol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you shouldn’t be able to one-shot someone with a handgun from an incredibly long distance. These are just one of the Fortnite shooting adjustments that are up for testing in the game’s latest limited-time mode.

The so-called Shooting Test #1 will introduce the first pass of a First-Shot Accuracy model to the game, which is indicated by a red reticle. This effect is applied when the player is standing still, sighting down a weapon and has not fired their weapon recently for peak aim spread accuracy. The intention is to reduce frustration brought about by shots randomly missing their target.

The test mode will also tune headshot critical damage downwards, with shotguns only applying 150% damage on a crit and all other weapons applying 200% damage. The test will also introduce damage fall-off for certain weapons with a maximum drop to 70% damage as well as tweaks to semi-auto snipers, scoped assault rifles and SMGs.

The test is the first of a planned series of test-focused limited time modes that will be added to the game in order to meet design goals blogged about back in October, where the devs seek to stop pistol sniping and offer weapons that support a wide array of engagement types. Players are encouraged to hop in and try out the mode freely, since wins and other stats will not be counted while in the Shooting Test.

Our Thoughts

We get that crossing an open field in a battle royale game should be a risky proposition, but there’s nothing quite as frustrating (or as boring) as being taken down from someone with a basic handgun with no chance to retaliate. Here’s hoping these planned shooting tests will help keep things balanced and fun.

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