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Fortnite Battle Royale Launches

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Come see the game mode that has pissed off Bluehole Inc. for yourself! Today is the official Fortnite Battle Royale launch, which brings the PvP offshoot of the base PvE game free for everyone, whether you’re in early access or not.

fortnite battle royale launch

The arrival of Battle Royale has also brought not just the new game mode but a number of changes both to the PvP and PvE flavors of Fortnite.

Squad play is now available in Battle Royale, either in 2-player Duos mode or 4-player Squads mode. In these modes, players who fall to 0 health will enter a downed state where there will be a small window of time to be revived by teammates. Additionally, friendly fire is active, though firing upon your squadmates intentionally does violate the game’s code of conduct.

Battle Royale will also introduce Supply Drops that will randomly arrive to the game map, which will be packed full of weapons and items. Battle Royale will also see the introduction of three new weapons: the Scoped Assault Rifle, the Zapotron, and Tactical SMG.

For those who would rather Save the World in the game’s PvE mode, the Battle Royale release also patches in bug fixes and server crash fixes. Additional development is in the works for PvE, including a Horde Bash mode and other improvements, which were mapped out in a forum post.

You can download Battle Royale now on the game’s official website and can look over the latest patch notes here.

Our Thoughts

Discounting this release from the ongoing issues between Epic Games and Bluehole, we’re definitely curious to know how many players will be hopping into Fortnite Battle Royale. Considering the mode is completely free-to-play we could see this one explode. Will you be joining in, or is it PUBG or bust?

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