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Fortnite Fixes False Positive Bans, Reaches 520K Concurrent Players

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A good anti-cheat software is a must-have for any game, especially for a competitive game like Fortnite. Epic Games vowed to crack down on cheating and apparently employed a cheat-detection system to help them carry it out. The problem is that the system turned out to be a bit too aggressive, erroneously flagging and banning players who weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong aside from having a little fun on a swing set.

The devs have since fixed the issue and are working to promptly unban affected players. Players will no longer be banned when they shoot while on a swing set. They will, however, still be automatically kicked from the game, so it’s probably best to avoid doing it entirely while the devs work on a fix.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games’ new zombie shooter has just peaked at 525,000 concurrent players thanks to its recently launched Battle Royale mode. Epic Games made the announcement on Twitter on the same day that they recorded a whopping 3.7M daily active users across North America, Europe, and Oceania. Fortnite has a long way to go to reach PUBG’s 1.96M concurrent player count but they’re definitely hot on PUBG’s heels.

If PvE is more to your liking, the dev team recently held a Horde Bash live stream where they talked about the recent PvE update. The devs also offer a few tips and tricks for Challenge the Horde. Check out the video below.


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