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Gigantic Developer Motiga May Be Laying Off Staff And Ceding Control To Perfect World


It’s late Thursday night and we’re getting some not-so-good news out of Gigantic developer Motiga.

Here’s a link to a Reddit thread titled “RIP Motiga :(” started by Audio Lead Dan Crislip, a.k.a., MO_Soundz. He links to his Twitter account, in which he writes, “Today marks the end of Motiga and my time with an absolutely amazing team.”

While one might first infer that Crislip alone left Motiga, his further comments on Reddit seem to indicate something far greater:

Just to clarify. No, Gigantic isn’t going to end anytime soon, I’d assume that Perfect World will take over. Yes, this is a tweet from a Motigan but no official word has been said, but I’d assume it’s true. And finally, when I say “assume” I mean “yes this will happen/yes this is 100% true” so.

Elsewhere on Twitter, former Motiga employee Troy Hewitt offered his condolences to Motiga employees, saying that he’s “Really sorry to hear about the latest trauma.” Combined with Crislip’s statements on Reddit, which include “Perfect World will be running the future of Gigantic,” it would seem to indicate that multiple people have been let go by Motiga — and that the game itself will be undergoing some changes in management.

It wouldn’t be the first time — or even the second — that Motiga has faced layoffs. The developer went through some painful layoffs while Gigantic was still in development but seemed to have rebounded after working out an agreement with Perfect World Entertainment to publish the game. Now, less than four months after its official launch, the game and its developer may be facing further difficulties.

We’ll add to this story as we learn more.


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