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Guild Wars 2 Responds To Player Backlash Over Mount Skins

Recently we reported about Guild Wars 2 player reactions to the new RNG “Adoption License” system ArenaNet implemented for some of it’s skins. The Adoption License made 30 different mount skins available to players “at a discount”. The problem players have is that its a lootbox system with skins of varying quality.

And… well… you might have to actually make 30 purchases just to get the one skin you actually want. Obviously, players aren’t pleased.

Yesterday, ArenaNet responded to player complaints about the system with a blog post intended to help the community understand the thought process behind the Adoption License system, noting that they “made some missteps” and offering a list of what they believe to be the benefits of the system.

As far as the missteps go, the post notes the debate around RNG-based lootboxes in gaming, the uneven spread of skins across various acquisition types, and the overly large selection dropped in the lootboxes. They then followed this up with a list of benefits that they felt made the system worth it:

  • You get a brand-new, unique mount skin every time, for a substantial discount versus an individual purchase price.
  • It uses a progressive mechanic. Every license gives you a new skin to use and increases the odds of acquiring any remaining skins.
  • You’ve requested variety, and this is a way to support variety. Individual sale is a mechanic that works with a few, flashy skins. Using a grab bag mechanic gives us leeway to create skins to suit a wide range of player tastes while offering a lower price per skin.

They also noted that they won’t be making any changes to the current selection, but they’ve made note of player feedback for next time. As you’d probably expect, players are a bit disappointed.

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