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Heroes Of The Storm Hallows End Arrives October 17

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Hallow’s End is coming back to Heroes of the Storm and will be here in a week. Tuesday, October 17, the Hallow’s End update will drop, bringing with it a new event quest, loot chest, spooky skins, and what may be the cutest Halloween-themed mount ever.

The new quest can be found in any mode with the exceptions being Custom Games, Training, or Heroes Brawl. While playing, players can complete a three-part quest chain to earn new rewards. In addition, players will earn a Hallow’s End Loot Chest every time they level up — making it even more worth it to do the quest chain. The chests are only available during the event are now guarantee dropping at least one of the event items, including mounts.

Speaking of mounts, this year’s Hallow’s End mount is a spooky horse ready to go trick-or-treating. He consists of the base Legendary Spectral Stallion and several epic versions ranging from Phantom Stallion to Secret Phantom Stallion. Visually, the differences are the designs on his cute sheet-ghost costume. You can check out all the variations on the Heroes of the Storm site.


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