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Heroes Of The Storm Teases New Hero, Firebat Blaze

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It might be December, but Blizzard has apparently decided it’s time to heat things up in Heroes of the Storm — by bringing StarCraft’s Firebat Blaze into the Nexus.

Rather than making a formal announcement, Blizzard has decided to tease the incinerator cannon wielding Hero with a festive-ish video. Unfortunately, Blaze doesn’t seem to quite understand the holiday spirit… and… well… You’ll see. No details have been provided on Blaze’s ability set as of yet, but we’re pretty sure information will be dropped soon.

In additional news, the latest Heroes Brawl of the Week is pretty festive, giving players the chance to wage all-out snowball war. It’s a Snow Brawl.

To play, players pick from one of three randomly selected heroes and then use either fluffy or heavy snowballs to attack the opposition. In order to win, you’ll need to destroy the enemy team’s core. Loot Chests will be rewarded to players who complete three matches.

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