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Job Posting Suggests Anthem Will Have FPS Gameplay


Considering lots of people have assumed Anthem is EA’s attempt to directly take on Bungie’s Destiny, perhaps the potential of Anthem first-person gameplay isn’t too much of a stretch. That said, footage has suggested the game is a third-person action shooter almost primarily…until a new job posting, that is.

The posting is for BioWare’s Austin office and seeks a principal gameplay designer specifically for Anthem. Among the listed requirements of the job posting, one reads the candidate needs to have “exceptional hands on experience with game mechanics in 1st or 3rd person shooters space”.

While the suggestion is certainly open to interpretation, and the gameplay reveal from last year’s E3 was mostly in third-person view, the opening sequence of that same trailer first kicked off in first-person mode. This could mean that Anthem will allow players to switch between FPS and over-the-shoulder third person view a la Star Wars Battlefront 2.

There currently is nothing new out of Anthem itself, with the most recent reports confirming that the online shooter will be pushed back into sometime in early 2019 to make room for the next in the Battlefield series.

Our Thoughts

It’s really hard to leap to one conclusion or the other here. The job posting probably will want the candidate comfortable with both perspectives yet will focus on just the one. Still, the ability to swap between first- and third-person isn’t outside of the realm of possibility, either. We’ll just have to wait and see what things will look like. Once EA is finished with pushing the next Battlefield game, of course.

Source: EA careers page via Gamewatcher


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