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Kansas Man Dies in Call of Duty Swatting Incident

It’s a headline that we all knew we would see one day, Man Dies in Swatting. Sadly, the time has come. Andrew Finch, aged 28 was shot by police officers answering the door to the Swat team at his door on December 28th.

According to police, they were answering a call that said there was a hostage situation on the Witchita block that Finch lived on. As Finch came to the door an officer fired. Police say it isn’t clear yet why the officer fired his weapon. His family who were at the home at the time, however, has said that he wasn’t carrying any weapons.

On Twitter, an account which has now been suspended sent out a tweet saying “That kids house that I swatted is on the news.” This tweet is reportedly coming from one side of an argument about Call of Duty. According to Dexerto, the argument was over a $2 wager. The person on the other side of the argument had given a fake address, which is how police ended up at Finch’s house. Finch himself wasn’t a gamer.

On Twitter, more than a dozen people who identified themselves as CoD players contacted The Wichita Eagle letting them know about the feud. Overnight the Twitter account who claimed to have made the call was suspended. But before the suspension took place they had this to say.

The Twitter account of the intended target has also been taken offline.

The police officer who fired the shot is a 7 year veteran of the police department. They have been placed on administrative paid leave, which is the department’s policy. The investigation into the swatting is ongoing and it is expected that more information will be released by the police later today.

Andrew Finch leaves behind two children, ages 2 and 7.


my latest blog post Update: On Friday, December 29, Tyler Barriss was arrested in Los Angeles as a suspect for calling in the false report that let to the swatting incident and the death of Andrew Finch.


Source: Kansas.com, Dexerto


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