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LawBreakers Announces a Free Weekend on Steam

If news about the amount of players in LawBreakers has made you gun-shy about joining in, then perhaps a LawBreakers free weekend will help you make up your mind. The gravity-defying team-based FPS will be opening up to players on Steam over the next few days.

LawBreakers is flinging open its doors to all players starting on Thursday, September 28th at 10am PDT and will remain free-to-play until Monday, October 2nd. In addition, the game is being offered at a 25% discount for the base title from now until Wednesday, October 4th. The announcement does not make mention of any restrictions between free arrivals and existing players.

A trailer showcasing LawBreakers’ brand of high-speed FPS gaming has arrived with the announcement, which you can check out below.

Our Thoughts

So either Boss Key is testing the waters on a full-on free-to-play launch or they’re doing their best to counteract negative associations with the game and its population woes. Whether this free weekend and the subsequent discount is enough to shore up the game’s player count remains to be seen, but we certainly hope that it works out; nothing is worse for online FPS games than having nobody to team with and fight against.

Source: Steam


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