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League Of Legends Updates Honor Progression Reward System

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Riot has made some changes to League of Legends‘ Honor Progression and those sweet, sweet rewards you earn from it. Most likely in an effort to encourage players, Riot has added checkpoints to honor progression. These occur between levels — starting after level 2 — and offer players additional rewards. The rewards are delivered in Honor Orbs, which contain a few items, the minimum of which are 2 key fragments. Blue essence and champion shards are possible rewards as well.

In addition, players will no longer earn Honor Capsules. Instead, these will be rewarded at levels 3, 4, and 5. And, as would make sense for hitting the actual levels, they will contain better items than the orbs. (Don’t worry, there will still be additional random key fragment drops along the way.)

Once a player hits level 5 Honor, they will still be rewarded throughout the season, earning level 5 Orbs until the very end. Riot has provided a handy page explaining what players will earn at each phase, as well as how the season 2018 Honor reset will work. You can check everything out on the League of Legends site.

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