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Legends of Aria Begins its Final Alpha Test

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Development on sandbox MMO Legends of Aria is continuing to chug along as the dev team has announced the last Legends of Aria alpha test is now underway. The latest build is described as the largest to the game yet, granting players more of nearly everything.

The current Legends of Aria build has piled on two new starter cities, what is described as “many” open-world dungeons and adventure zones, five underground dungeons, and a raid. The game’s combat system has also seen a rework as characters now have access to a broader range of skills.

Citadel Studios’ CEO Derek Brinkmann is, understandably, pretty pleased with how things have gone. “Legends of Aria has been a massive undertaking for our independent studio these last three years. But we’re nearing the finish line, and frankly I’m beyond proud of what we’ve accomplished,” he says in a statement.

The last alpha phase is on now and will run until Monday, October 9th, and is open to those who have put in their pledge. Beyond that, the sandbox has no firm dates for beta and eventual Steam release beyond sometime later this year.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to the devs at Citadel Studios for what appears to be a successful round of alpha testing. Seeing this game grow from its Shards Online start to its current build has been impressive and we’re hoping that sandbox MMO fans will find a lot to like in Legends of Aria.

Source: press release

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