Magic: The Gathering Arena Announces Closed Beta

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Arguably one of the progenitors of the collectible card game is on its way at last to the competitive online CCG realm. Wizards’ Digital Games Studio has officially confirmed the start of Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta testing along with details on what will be playable.

Testing will kick off on Friday, November 3rd with a stress test to make sure the servers are ready for the strain of a full beta. The test will be populated with selected “closed beta priority access holders”. Assuming the stress test goes well, things ramp up with additional priority invitees playing during specified days over the next few weeks. Players will be invited via email and are subject to an NDA.

The plan is to officially start closed beta testing of MTG Arena on Thursday, November 30th. The beta build will feature best-of-one Ranked and Constructed matches, with plans to add more game modes over the course of testing. The window for testing appears to be pretty open as the devs have not specified a date for beta to end.

Players are encouraged to head to the MTG Arena website to sign up for a chance to be selected for testing. You can also read up on the game here.

Our Thoughts

While arguably it took WotC long enough to bring Magic: The Gathering to the online CCG world (we’ll pretend MTGO doesn’t exist), it’s most definitely better late than never. We hope that all of the testing planned goes well and the king of CCGs can make its way to players soon!

Source: press release

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