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MU Legend Releases the Faction War Update

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Why can’t we all just get along? Because having guild beat up on each other is more interesting, I suppose. MU Legend’s latest Faction War update will let player guilds band together and face off in PvP combat.

cheap pletal and The Faction War is a tournament that guilds can enter themselves into through the use of Guild Tropies, a currency that is found in various Cubes dropped in dungeons and by boss monsters, or purchased from Dukan and Trilgard from the Commercial District.

Naturally, entering a PvP territory game mode will come with rewards, and Faction War offers unique ones such as the ability to imbue equipment with Transcendent Stats. The process of doing so is rather involved and those who are looking to participate in Faction War need to arrive ready to go at a certain time, so be sure to read this developer’s note for all the specifics.

The Faction War update is now live and is the final update for the MMOARPG’s open beta. The next update for the game will herald the title’s official launch, including the addition of the new Spellbinder class, which is set to arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2018. As for the here-and-now, you can check the update’s patch notes on the forums.

Our Thoughts

The entire process surrounding Faction War seems convoluted at face value, so that might deter some players from wanting to jump in. Then again, ARPGs are all about collecting as many shiny trinkets as you can, so perhaps it won’t be quite so restrictive. What do you think about the whole process? Let us know your thoughts below.

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