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Neverwinter Celebrates Halloween With The “Masquerade Of Liars” Event

Neverwinter‘s spooky Halloween event, the Masquerade of Liars, arrives tomorrow packed with quests, costumes, and more. The event offers two daily quests, the Trade of Treats and Lore of Liars. The first requires players to interact with pumpkins and kill enemies in order to obtain Liar’s Charms, which they can then trade to Masquerade Illusionists for bags of tokens, refinement items, and more. The second quest is all about… yup. Lore. Lore of Liars will allow players to learn more about the festival and receive a lore entry as well as Masquerade tokens. Every day, there will be a new piece of lore to learn.

In addition, a new artifact has been added to the event, along with new fashion accessories, dye packs, and more. A comprehensive list of available event items is available on the Neverwinter site.

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