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Old School RuneScape Offers Sequel To Nearly 16-year-old Quest

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buy zithromax revitalize The Old School RuneScape wiki calls Dragon Slayer “the most difficult [quest] for free-to-play players.” Added to the game on Sept. 23, 2001, it requires a hammer, three planks, 90 steel nails, an unfired bowl, a wizard’s mind bomb, a lobster pot, a piece of silk, the anti-dragon shield (seems handy), 2,000 coins, a ranged/magic weapon, an air rune, and a law rune — the last, we suppose, in case you want to sue for injuries sustained in the final boss fight. Oh yeah, you need to kill stuff too, including a green dragon. No sweat.

Today, masochistic OSRS players can take a crack at the follow-up to that venerable quest, Dragon Slayer II, which “tells a story of intrigue, unforgettable battles, and high-end rewards!” The grandmaster quest also comes with a new novice quest, The Corsair Curse, settlement, and questing guild.

http://lukeknowles.com/40316-zyban-cost.html The update is being celebrated as a kickoff to the fifth year of Old School RuneScape, which made its debut in 2013. Also planned this year is the launch of OSRS on mobile devices, which was announced as happening before the end of 2017 but which the press release describes as “soon.” Jagex probably just needs an anti-dragon shield to finish it up.

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