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Orochi Tower Opens in Secret World Legends


Everyone should know by now that if you’re a mega-corporation that has a gigantic, fancy office tower, you’re probably up to some horrible stuff. What that horrible stuff exactly is will be up for Secret World Players to find out as Orochi Tower has become available in the shared-world RPG that’s still kind of an MMO let’s be honest with ourselves.

For those who never experienced the content in The Secret World, Orochi Tower is the final part of the Tokyo storyline. Players will have 20 sections and hours of story content to delve into as each of the eight subsidiaries of the Orochi Group are explored.

The latest update also opens a new Lair in Japan called Kantoku Temple. Players will face all new creatures inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore, all the while offering new signets and other rewards for those who live through whatever was being sealed within.

The update has also introduced the expected number of adjustments to gameplay, including previously referred-to changes to AoE attacks. The complete patch notes can be found here, and a trailer for the update is below.

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Come on in, Chuck.

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