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Overwatch League Might Be Getting its First Female Pro

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A popular and incredibly skilled Overwatch female player appears to be on her way to the Overwatch League…or at least is making her first steps in that general direction. According to early reports, Korea’s Geguri looks to be en route to the esports event’s roster, though those reports are not coming from sources officially tied to OWL.

A clip from a stream Geguri herself held where she appeared to simply be speaking to fans has been shared on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit, which has Geguri announcing that she’s going to be joining a “foreign team”.

Geguri is an off-tank player who favors using Zarya. She’s so good that rival pros attempted to accuse her of hacking during last year’s Nexus Cup – accusations that were since thrown out by Blizzard Korea and resulted in two Korean pros quitting after staking their careers on the fact she was a cheat.

It’s widely assumed that Geguri will be joining with the New York Excelsior. This assumption is made based on the fact that she has been followed on Twitter by the NYXL’s head of personnel Scott Tester, team analyst Andrew Kim and a couple of the team’s current players. It’s also widely believed that if Geguri will be making her way to the team’s roster, it will be via the OWL’s Academy Teams program, which was described by the league in mid-December.

This would put Geguri on the path to joining the Excelsior as a full roster member for the event’s second season.

Of course, none of this information has been officially confirmed at the time of this writing, but we will be sure to update the story if there has been any word from either the New York Excelsior or the Overwatch League itself.

Our Thoughts

In a game that prides itself on exclusivity like Overwatch, it definitely caused more than a few raised eyebrows to learn that every single player in OWL’s premiere season is male. That said, we’ll take late over never. Here’s hoping this is all true!

Source: Competitive Overwatch subreddit via PCGamesN

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