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Overwatch Season 8 is Getting New Adjustments

It’s a new year and a new competitive season for the ultra-serious players of Overwatch. As is often the case, Overwatch Season 8 is heralding a few new changes to the competitive scene that look to help players get to the right matches more readily.

Maximum SR differences for the game’s different tiers have been reduced this season overall. Bronze through Diamond tier are now at 1000 SR, while Master is at 500 SR and Grandmaster is at 250 SR. The intent with this change is to ensure players at lower and higher tiers are placed with appropriate teammates and opponents of equal ability.

For those who are Diamond tier or above, personal performance SR is being removed entirely. According to a forum post, this was done in order to make sure players at those tiers aren’t so focused on their own metrics and focus instead on gaining a win.

“At the higher levels of online competition where every point of SR matters, we want players to not be distracted and worry about how to optimize around the personal performance adjustment,” reads the post.

Our Thoughts

These are minor tweaks that should have some pretty big impact on competitive Overwatch, particularly in regards to the Diamond tier and up. It will be interesting to see how these tweaks affect the overall feel of season 8, but it’s also likely going to be a while before we know what these changes bring. In the meantime, GLHF to those in the ladder!

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