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PUBG is Blocking Reshade and Other Graphics Enhancers

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As part of PUBG’s continued battle with the forces of Cobra (AKA cheaters in the game), it has been revealed that their in-testing anti-cheat tech will be blocking graphic enhancement programs. So, basically, no more PUBG Reshade for you.

In a post on the game’s forums, a community manager confirmed that the new anti-cheat tech will be blocking outside programs from being used as part of its defense against cheating. Reshade was specified as one of the primary targets, but other third-party programs that “modify the gameplay or visuals in an invasive way” will also be blocked.

The post doesn’t specify whether or not those using the program will be outright blocked, but the suggestion is that the new anti-cheat measures will simply stop folks from playing the game itself instead of issuing an automatic ban. Whether that is the case or not, however, has not been officially confirmed as of this writing.

Our Thoughts

We understand PC players love to fiddle, tweak and otherwise muck about with every setting under the sun in order to get their game to look as astonishingly pretty (or visually easier to spot threats) as possible, but if the choices are to dress up the game you love or be locked out from playing said loved game, it seems like the decision is pretty simple. We know, looking at a game that has a bit of blur is a big ask, but try to bravely shoulder the burden. We believe in you.

Source: official forums

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