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PUBG Tweaks the Blue Zone and Continues to Kick Cheaters

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The never-ending battle against cheaters continues, but it also looks like the devs of PUBG have had a moment to actually tweak something within the game itself, too. Some new PUBG Blue Zone adjustments are up for testing in order to even the pace of combat in the battle royale shooter.

In a recent post to PC players on Steam, the devs have outlined several changes to the deadly glowy blue stuff that will be up for testing over the next several days. The wait time for blue zones in the middle to latter stages of a match have been slightly decreased, along with its shrinking speed. The final blue zone of a match will also have increased DPS.

As for those cheaters? The devs have managed to comb through a described 10 million players and tens of millions of data logs to isolate 100,000 instances of a new cheat pattern. In response, the devs will be permanently banning those players in a single wave.

With that said, there’s still a bit of work to do, particularly related to the game’s deathcam and replay features. A bug has been identified that shows players are not suffering from weapon recoil during a replay even though they are. The bug is due to be adjusted ASAP.

Our Thoughts

That…is a LOT of cheatin’ fools. We’re glad that the devs are working to remedy the situation, but the numbers of people trying to screw things over is astonishing. We hope that there will be more time to further tweak actual gameplay like they have with PUBG’s blue zone.

Source: Steam

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