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RIFT Honors Recently Passed Player With Angelic NPC

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Last December, the RIFT Dimensioneer community — those creative players who spend a lot of their time building incredible Dimensions — was stunned to find out they’d lost one of their own to a terrible accident. The news came via a heartbreaking message from the player’s mother in the Dimension Addicts Skype channel on December 20th, and relayed to the Rift forums.

The player, Wintercharm@Hailol was regarded by the community as being a “premier builder” with a great talent for the hobby she had so invested herself in. Needless to say, the community wanted to celebrate Wintercharm and her contributions to the community — which they did, by creating a memorial dimension that anyone can visit in game.

Based on the so obviously positive impact Wintercharm had on the RIFT community during her time as part of it, the development team — particularly Dev Tacitus, who has worked closely with the Dimensioneers for years — felt the need to do something as well. So, the dev team worked together to create a special NPC character by the name of Keyvah Wintercharm. This new NPC can be found on the Icewatch Ride in Iron Pine Peaks. She sells Wintercharm Blossoms that can be used in Dimensions. Don’t worry, the Blossoms can be purchased with Void Stones, an easily obtained in-game currency.

It should be noted that the creation of this NPC wasn’t just for the RIFT community. Dev Tacitus also wanted to do something special for Wintercharm’s mom, as a way to let her know that her child was loved in Telara too.

wintercharm from Dev Tacitus on Vimeo.

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