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RuneScape gets Spooky for the Month of October with Zombies and…Battle Royale?!

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Dear God someone make it stop. RuneScape is introducing two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse – a zombie survival mode and a Battle Royale-esque survival mode.

This new survival mode is known as “Dimension of the Damned,” where players get max-level versions of their characters. During this event, players will have to survive zombies with crafting, combat, and a bit of co-op with other players. The Dimension of the Damned is scheduled to launch on October 16th, so players have time to prepare themselves.

Additionally, if a player catches the eyes of the almighty Jagex during this event, they will be invited to participate in a battle royale-esque game mode, with a shrinking field of play.

…Hmm… Though in all fairness, Runescape has had this mode for some time now.

Additionally, this event will be open to all players, with any type of account. There will be additional Halloween story content as well, with some of it having been created by the players! Check it out down below.


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