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Sea of Thieves Answers Community Questions

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еdit http://mailbox.nsgltd.com/60097-fluoxetine-uk.html The most recent Sea of Thieves podcast covered a whole lot of ground, including what the team have been up to last year and the upcoming closed beta. Near the end of the broadcast, they took the time to answer several community questions about what’s in development, griefing and other matters.

http://www.creeklic.com/37010-lisinopril-prescription.html reconcile The podcast brought in executive producer Joe Neate, design director Mike Chapman, engagement manager Emma Bridle, and the self-described “#1 fan” Craig Duncan.

http://bobburrelli.com/?author=5 The first question dealt with expanding upon the game’s Voyage system in order to prevent repetition. In addition to the game’s more emergent activities that may bring players off the beaten path while undergoing voyages, Chapman mentioned that NPCs in the game world can see change over the course of the game’s life.

Seroquel online purchase “These are characters who come to the Sea of Thieves with their own motivation, and they’ve come there to achieve certain things,” said Chapman. “Doesn’t mean they’re going to be there forever. Doesn’t mean that their fortunes aren’t going to change. And there will be other characters that come visit this world.” Neate also made an allusion to the recent livestream title of “becoming a pirate legend”, with Chapman adding that “the Golden Age is still to come”.

The question of managing bad actors with the game’s brig system was answered, with the devs mentioning that they were seeing some unintentional uses for the brig such as three friends forcing a fourth person they weren’t familiar with into the brig so the friends could set sail. To that point, three-player crews are going to be included at launch.

The stream also brought up the unintentional decision to keep crosshairs off of the screen, adding new islands and land masses to the game’s world, and the idea of special or collector’s editions of the game. You can watch all of the answers in the video below.

Our Thoughts

It looks like the Sea of Thieves devs are ready and eager to keep adding to their game. We’ll definitely be looking forward to the game’s upcoming closed beta and to see what more will be added to the game in the run-up to launch.

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