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Secret World Legends Applies Anima Allocation in Latest Update


In a game like SWL, making the character you want is important, particularly if you come from the Ability Wheel days of TSW. With Secret World Legends update 2.1.4, customization of abilities is the name of the game with the launch of the Anima Allocation feature as well as several other quality-of-life adjustments.

Pictured above is the new Anima Allocation interface, a feature that unlocks at level 20 which will allow players to move a slider towards a region of damage, survivability, and healing power, letting you direct your focus towards a style of play. The new system also has seen Talismans get adjusted to have a base Power rating while secondary stats like Hit Points and Attack Rating will shift based on where your Anima Allocation is set.

With the new update, players are going to see a reduction of 80% to the cost of removing Glyphs and Signets from gear to let them experiment with the new system. This cost reduction will be temporary, however, lasting only until Monday, November 27th.

In addition to the new Anima Allocation system, players will see things like 40% transfer of Empowerment XP when using an empowered item as fodder, changes to Elementalism to make heat management easier, and a variety of items added to activity loot chests. You can read up on everything that’s changed in the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

Arguably, a lot of the deeper customization that was present in TSW didn’t feel like it was there in SWL. This Anima Allocation system could be a big help in making a difference, and we’re definitely on board with the other quality-of-life changes in this latest patch.

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