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Simple, Clean, and Final Fantasy XIV. More UI Updates Detailed For Patch 4.1

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One more week, folks, one more week. Final Fantasy XIV will soon release Patch 4.1 on October 10th, and with it will come a lot of changes and updates. But until we get the full patch notes, the FFXIV Dev Blog has posted an update – regarding some of the Job Gauge changes coming in Patch 4.1!

My own thoughts is that this is a positive change. I played FFXIV during the hayday of Patch 2.0, without ever taking a breakĀ (except for when I went on vacations away from home), and I think this is a positive change. I much preferred seeing all my job timers on my buff hotbar, and the Stormblood gauges take a lot of space. This new update should make the gauges much more manageable, and will perhaps warm people towards the idea of job gauges – those who didn’t like them, anyways. I am sure people who didn’t mind them will be indifferent to these changes.



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