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Take On The Cradle Of The Death God In Neverwinter’s Next Epic Trial

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Neverwinter players who like a challenge should be pretty happy to see the game’s latest developer blog. Posted today, the blog offers details on the game’s next epic trial, The Cradle of the Death God.

For those not familiar with them, epic trials are content designed to challenge the game’s more skilled parties. The Cradle of the Epic God is one such challenge, as well as the grand finale to the story taking place in the Tomb of Annihilation module.

Like previous epic trials, the Cradle is a straight shot. However, the battle takes place across three acts rather than all in one place. Players will need to travel through the Tomb in a stone elevator to the heart of the Tomb to face the Soulmonger. They’ll also have to fight an undead godling known as an atropal. Those who manage to defeat both will earn a slew of rewards.

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