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UK MP Questions on Gaming Loot Boxes Receive Responses

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Yesterday we discovered that the gaming loot box discussion has slowly reached the ears of the UK’s Parliament. Part of that discussion involved questions asked by one of the country’s MPs to a UK regulatory board about their position on the practice. That board has responded, and that response bears a rather familiar tone.

The responses were both written by Tracey Crouch, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. In both repeated replies to questions posed by MP Daniel Zeichner, the reaction of the government appears to be a combination of “wait and see” and “go ask your mother”:

“Protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling is one of the core objectives of the regulation of gambling in Great Britain and a priority for the government. The Gambling Commission have a range of regulatory powers to take action where illegal gambling is taking place.

“The government recognise the risks that come from increasing convergence between gambling and computer games. The Gambling Commission is keeping this matter under review and will continue to monitor developments in the market.”

The responses also reference a position paper published by the Gambling Commission in March of this year, which repeats the message that there are eyes on the matter as it develops.

Meanwhile, the online petition asking for gambling laws to be changed to include gaming loot boxes has yet to receive its required response from Parliament.

Our Thoughts

…and if the official response from government body to MP is anything to go by, the petition response will likely be just as dismissive as responses from other oversight committees like the ESRB.

So then the question is: where do gamers go from here to see loot box practices change? Do you have opinions on what steps can be taken, or have you resigned to the fact that loot boxes will just continue to be a thing?

Source: UK Parliament website via Eurogamer

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