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Wild West Online Development Roadmap Released

File this under the, “We missed it because it was Christmas” news. The Wild West Online development roadmap for early 2018 was released on Saturday. It outlines what the team will be working on through January and February along with future plans as well.

In January they’ll be adding Factions and Faction Wars, public events, character progression, crafting, and more. Right now there are three skill trees to pick from that will improve your sustainability, your combat efficiency, and also allow you to unlock crafting recipes and perks for your character. You’ll be able to customize your character to match your playstyle and make them stand out in a crowd.

February will bring hunting, homestead ownership, campsites, and uh…scalping. Scalps can be used as a form of currency to exchange for noteworthy items. Brutal. The hunting grounds have been one of players most requested features to be introduced. Personally, I’m still not over the trauma of trying to hunt in Oregon Trail.

The roadmap then lists a Steam Release Winter 2018, though it would appear it means earlier in the year rather than later.

Post-release, during Q1 and Q2 of 2018 you can expect to find female players introduced to the game along with gangs/clans, a train robbery PvP adventure, trading between players, and something called the Viva Mexico Expansion. There aren’t any details on this expansion. The roadmap just teases it and says to come back in January. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

From the sound of things, the Wild West Online development team have a busy few months ahead of them with a lot of new things being introduced to the game in a short period of time. If you’re looking forward to the release of Wild West Online be sure to vote for it in our MMOGames Reader’s Choice Awards. It’s up for Most Anticipated MMO of 2018.

Source: Official Site

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