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WildStar Celebrating Next Update By Giving Players Free Level 50 (Again!)

If you missed the last time Carbine offered players a free level 50 character in WildStar, you might want to pay attention to this. Following the upcoming November 1 update, the developer will be offering players a free character boost for newly created characters. The event will run until 11:59 PST on November 5 and is a one-time use offer.

There are, of course, a few fine details to take note of with this event. The most important being that you can’t get a do-over if you create a character you’re not satisfied with when using it. So be sure the one you make is the one you want.

Also, be aware that this event boost differs from the one you can purchase. That said, it’s free and still offers several features which you can find listed on the event announcement.

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