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World of Tanks On Nintendo Switch? Would Need “Certain Install Base,” Wargaming Says

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Earlier this week, the wild speculation about a new format fueled by a video game developer was “Will Final Fantasy XIV go free-to-play?” Today, it’s “Will World of Tanks be on the Nintendo Switch?” Next week, we expect something along the lines of, “Will a survival game ever actually be finished?” Or would that be a little too crazy a notion?

Anyway, in an interview with GamesTM, which is apparently a magazine (they still exist?) that also has a website, Wargaming Senior Game Designer Darold Higa said that a lot of people are asking him if World of Tanks could someday come to the Nintendo Switch. It could, he responded, though it’s a matter of numbers — namely, how many people could potentially play it:

“Because World of Tanks is free-to-play and because we do not have an ‘in’ on that ecosystem we have to see what the install base is. It has to reach a certain install base before we can include it [in our plans]. The way it works is that, because we are not selling a retail product, we do need a large number of players to support the cost of implementing the platform.”

I can’t find the interview on the GamesTM site, but the above quote is summarized on Nintendo Switchers.

Exactly how big would that install base need to be? Only Wargaming knows, “and the executive team is always keeping track,” Higa said. 4.7 million Switches were sold as of the end of June, but that’s far behind the number of XB1s (about 30 million) and PS4s (about 63 million) out there, not to mention the millions of PCs and mobile devices in existence.

So we probably won’t see World of Tanks coming to the Switch until those numbers rise dramatically. Does it sound like something you would play?

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